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University of California - Berkeley

Synthesizing sounds from rigid-body simulations


This paper describes a real-time technique for generating realistic and compelling sounds that correspond to the motions of rigid objects. By numerically precomputing the shape and frequencies of an object's deformation modes, audio can be synthesized interactively directly from the force data generated by a standard rigid-body simulation. Using sparse-matrix eigen-decomposition methods, the deformation modes can be computed efficiently even for large meshes. This approach allows us to accurately model the sounds generated by arbitrarily shaped objects based only on a geometric description of the objects and a handful of material parameters.


James F. O'Brien, Chen Shen, and Christine M. Gatchalian. "Synthesizing sounds from rigid-body simulations". In The ACM SIGGRAPH 2002 Symposium on Computer Animation, pages 175–181. ACM Press, July 2002.

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