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University of California - Berkeley

An Effective Third-order Local Fitting Patch and Its Application

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In this paper, we extend Razdan and Bae’s second-order local fitting method [11] to construct an effective third-order fitting patch. Compared to other estimation algorithms, this weighted bicubic B é zier patch more accurately obtains the normal vector and curvature estimation of a triangular mesh model. Furthermore, we define the principal geodesic torsion of each vertex on the mesh model and estimate it through this local fitting patch. In the end of this paper, we apply the third-order fitting patch for the mesh smoothing and hole-filling which can get the satisfactory results.


Zhong Li, Brian A. Barsky, and Xiaogang Jin. "An Effective Third-order Local Fitting Patch and Its Application". In International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, June 2009.