Computer Graphics

University of California - Berkeley

Personalized Photograph Ranking and Selection System

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In this paper, we propose a novel personalized ranking system for amateur photographs. Although some of the features used in our system are similar to previous work, new features, such as texture, RGB color, portrait (through face detection), and black-and-white, are included for individual preferences. Our goal of automatically ranking photographs is not intended for award-wining professional photographs but for photographs taken by amateurs, especially when individual preference is taken into account. The performance of our system in terms of precision-recall diagram and binary classification accuracy (93%) is close to the best results to date for both overall system and individual features. Two personalized ranking user interfaces are provided: one is feature-based and the other is example-based. Although both interfaces are effective in providing personalized preferences, our user study showed that example-based was preferred by twice as many people as feature-based.


Che-Hua Yeh, Yuan-Chen Ho, Brian A. Barsky, and Ming Ouhyoung. "Personalized Photograph Ranking and Selection System". In ACM Multimedia 2010, pages 211–220, October 2010.