Computer Graphics

University of California - Berkeley

Symmetrical Embeddings of Regular Maps R5.13 and R5.6


This report is a documentation of my trial-and-error design process to find a symmetrical embedding of the regular map R5.13 on a genus-5 2-manifold. It documents the non-linear way in which my mind homed-in on a valid solution and then refined that solution to obtain a satisfactory geometrical model. This design-thinking log may serve as a case study for a design approach that switches back and forth between doodling with physical materials, computer-aided template and model construction, and verification of the results on tangible visualization models. Lessons learned on R5.13 were subsequently applied to solve the embedding of the regular map R5.6.


Carlo H. Séquin. "Symmetrical Embeddings of Regular Maps R5.13 and R5.6". Technical report, November 2010.