Computer Graphics

University of California - Berkeley

A Linear Variational System for Modeling From Curves


We present a linear system for modelling 3D surfaces from curves. Our system offers better performance, stability and precision in control than previous non-linear systems. By exploring the direct relationship between a standard higher-order Laplacian editing framework and Hermite spline curves, we introduce a new form of Cauchy constraint that makes our system easy to both implement and control. We introduce novel workflows that simplify the construction of 3D models from sketches. We show how to convert existing 3D meshes into our curve-based representation for subsequent editing and modelling, allowing our technique to be applied to a wide range of existing 3D content.


James Andrews, Pushkar Joshi, and Nathan Carr. "A Linear Variational System for Modeling From Curves". Computer Graphics Forum, 30(6):1850–1861, September 2011. Presented at SGP 2012.