Computer Graphics

University of California - Berkeley

Approximate svBRDF Estimation From Mobile Phone Video


We describe a new technique for obtaining a spatially varying BRDF (svBRDF) of a flat object using printed fiducial markers and a cell phone capable of continuous flash video. Our homography-based video frame alignment method does not require the fiducial markers to be visible in every frame, thereby enabling us to capture larger areas at a closer distance and higher resolution than in previous work. Pixels in the resulting panorama are fit with a BRDF based on a recursive subdivision algorithm, utilizing all the light and view positions obtained from the video. We show the versatility of our method by capturing a variety of materials with both one and two camera input streams and rendering our results on 3D objects under complex illumination.


Rachel A. Albert, Dorian Yao Chan, Dan B. Goldman, and James F. O'Brien. "Approximate svBRDF Estimation From Mobile Phone Video". volume 37, page 12. The Eurographics Association, June 2018.

Supplemental Material

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